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Best Herefordshire Wedding Memories 2021

Here are my 2021 Best Herefordshire Wedding memories, chosen not just because I really like the image but because of the feeling they give to me too. Getting to know my couples in the build up to their weddings and then seeing their plans in action is always a special feeling.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to keep in touch with my couples, either through social media or in person. It’s always great to see them grow as a couple and sometimes into a family too.

What a year it was!

2021 was a bit of a different year in terms of wedding photography, the first 6 months were pretty quiet but the last 6 months, BANG! Wedding after wedding and the chance to finally photograph people having fun and seeing their friends and family again. Seeing people hugging and dancing felt like a new beginning after the previous 15 months.

I hope that 2022 turns out to be even better for everyone and that everybody is able to have the freedom to be with family and friends and obviously celebrate weddings in style.

Thank you

I have worked with so many amazing couples over the last year and had so much fun, I am really grateful to each and every one of you. Likewise with the wedding suppliers too, it’s been a blast.

The memories that we have shared together and the friendships that have been made are simply the best. I am so lucky to call this my job, I do have to pinch myself quite often to think, here I am working with people having fun in a job that means I never go to work and see unhappy people.

I will in the future release a blog post of my favourite portraits from 2021 too but for now, you have my best Herefordshire wedding memories to look through.

Best Herefordshire Wedding Memories.

I wouldn’t be able to choose my favourite wedding as all of them had something, whether it was the emotional side of it or the plain crazy moments. It would also be impossible to select all of my favourite moments due to having so many so please take a look through this short selection and see the fun that we all had.

Looking for wedding suppliers? The list below is made up of some of the Herefordshire suppliers that I worked with throughout 2021 and they all come highly recommended.

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