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Richard and Jessica Engagement Photography London

Engagement Photography London. I jumped at the chance when Richard and Jessica said they would like their engagement shoot in London. I love working in London, especially around the Thames, so much going on and so many places for photography too.

Richard and Jess get married in 2019 but opted to have their engagement shoot early as Jess was about to leave for Norway for a work placement.

We met up in Stratford first then got the tube to St Pauls where we walked across to the Southbank part of London. Such a vibrant area wherever you go and whatever the time of year. We went eastwards taking the chance for photographs as and when they came. There was no plan really, just a relaxed engagement shoot and having fun in the process.

After a bite to eat, it wasn’t long before the sun was going down and we had to chase the light a little. We crossed to the North side of the Thames and made the most of what light was left, ending up back at St Pauls eventually. Once the sun had gone down, we carried on heading westwards along the Thames. I wanted to get some shots with the lights of the London skyline in the background before heading back home. I Managed to grab a few tourists to act as human light stands and hold my flash once the light had faded completely, thank you unknown tourists.

Thank you for a great day in London both, looking forward to your wedding!

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