Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

What are your prices?

My prices start from £1650 for a full days photography, I have more packages available which include albums etc. Receive my pricing brochure by filling in the contact form.

How do we go about booking you?

Just fill in the contact form with a bit of info about your day and I will reply within 24 hours with my pricing brochure.

How much deposit is required to book you?

I take a deposit of £450 which along with a signed online contract will secure your date.

How do you go about your work on our wedding day?

I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible so that I can tell your story as it was. I only offer a little direction during your portraits, just to ensure you look awesome.

How many photos can we expect?

A minimum of 500 from a full day wedding, no maximum though. If your day is exciting with lots happening, you’ll get more photos.

Can we print or share the photos online?

Of course, they are yours, so please do.

How long do you stay at our wedding for?

A minimum of 10 hours, but if your dance floor is rocking, expect more. I love to capture the fun and energy of a good dance floor.

How long before we receive our photos?

6-8 weeks after your wedding you will receive your online gallery. These will be available for you and any chosen guests to download for free.

How long will our gallery be available for?

2 years from the date of delivery but I will also have a backup of your images with me too.

Do you supply albums?

Yes I supply albums from GraphiStudio which are superb quality and look amazing.

A good photo is one that makes you remember the good times, a great photo however, will make you remember how you were feeling.

My style of photography captures the emotion and will have you reliving your feelings forever!