Sunset wedding photo

Hereford Cathedral Wedding

Hereford Cathedral wedding.

Annie & James got in touch to make an enquiry about me being their wedding photographer. I had no idea that I was about to book the biggest and most fun Hereford Cathedral wedding that I have ever seen. Annie in her Justin Alexander dress and James both had tears in their eyes as Annie made her way up the aisle. They couldn’t help but snuggle up to each other throughout their ceremony and there were a few tears from guests too.

The Reception

The amazing reception was held at the beautiful Lyde Arundel. The venue had been decorated by the equally amazing Couture Events. It really showed the fun personalities of Annie and James. Gin, chocolates, sweets and more Gin. This along with framed photos, candles, flowers and the amazing cupcake tower made by Annie’s Mum.

The reception held a bit of a surprise for the guests as they were treated to singing waitresses just before dessert. They introduced themselves rather cleverly by dropping some cutlery and making a scene. Then bursting into song and getting everyone else singing and dancing into the evening. The singing and dancing even spilling out into the courtyard too.

Their first dance was cleverly choreographed by Annie’s Mum who teaches dance and they both did an excellent job. This then led onto a surprise performance by one of their guests (the one and only Chesney Hawkes). This went down a treat for everyone whilst he performed along with the excellent Hey Yahs. The whole place was rocking.

Annie & Jay

These guys were made for each other which you could see from the moment I met them, their engagement shoot and of course their wedding day. Annie & Jay, I had a blast!


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