Herefordshire Tipi Wedding

After meeting Steph and Dan for the first time and hearing about their Herefordshire Tipi wedding, I knew their wedding would be laid back. I wasn’t wrong either; this wedding had a relaxed feel to it, with some quirky bits thrown in too. When I arrived at Steph’s Dad’s house for bridal preparation, I found a carousel horse in the room. Not something I have seen before but hey first time for everything. Oh and this one had Eeyore riding it too.

Steph and Dan had a church ceremony in Bromyard which Steph arrived at in a World War 2 US military vehicle which was pretty cool. This was an original too that had been restored by it’s owner. After their ceremony, everyone made their way to what can only be described as a Tipi in the middle of nowhere, literally. What was so awesome about this Tipi was the decoration that Steph and Dan had used. It was mostly taken form Steph’s Mums art work, a very talented artist she is too. Not your normal wedding decoration though, as you can see from the pictures but it looked amazing and had a personal touch.

Did someone say Aplacas?

Another quirky part now, Alpacas, lots of them. I think Steph forgot to tell me bout this part of the day but it was a great surprise. Steph and the girls even got to take the Alpacas for a walk, which they loved. Steph’s Alpaca was called Dave by the way.

The rest of the day, once the Alpacas had gone was spent with everyone relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine. It was hot, very hot and the evening was a welcome break from the heat, especially with the free ice cream on offer (I had one too) The placing of the Tipi gave a great view across the Herefordshire countryside which always looks beautiful. If you haven’t ever visited Herefordshire then I would recommend it.

A few more ice creams for the couple and their guests, whilst they sat on hay bales. Quickly followed by a bit of dancing capped off an amazing day for Steph, Dan and their guests.

Hair – Lisa Glasper

Make Up – Kirsty Robertson

DJ – Nick Britton

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