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My Top 10 Black and White Wedding Photographs

My Top 10 Black and White Wedding Photographs

Whenever I shoot a wedding, I don’t go there to consciously make a black & white Wedding image. I look out for moments throughout the day that catch my eye. Within these moments, if lighting is good I find my images to turn black and white. In my Top 10 black and White Wedding Photographs blog, I have chosen the images that stand out the most to me. These are chosen, not only because I really like the photo but because it also takes me back to the moment too.

When I deliver a Black and White image, my hope is that it will also take the couple back to that moment. Sometimes though, it might not be the actual couple in the frame and they may not have even realised it happened. In these circumstances I hope that they can see the story in the picture and that they just enjoy the moment.

All of the images in this blog are taken from 2021 weddings that I have edited so far.I will most likely do a full run down at the end of the year. The images are not in any sort of order, they are just my Top 10.

Why Black and White?

I love to shoot in colour and the majority of my images are delivered in colour but there is just something about a black and white image isn’t there? I always want my black and whites to have an emotional value to them or to be thought provoking.

My Top 10 black and white wedding photos will be ever changing but these pictures will always remain some of my favourites regardless. The moment captured lives on in my mind too and I love looking back at photos from all of the weddings that I have covered since I started this career.


Where does my inspiration come from with my Black and White photographs? Well I follow a few photographers that shoot solely in Black and White, not all wedding photographers but some street photographers too. One of my absolute favourites is a street photographer called Alan Schaller, take a look at his Instagram here if you are interested. His edit of a black and white image wouldn’t be possible without seeing the light first, a black and white image in poor lighting becomes just another poor photograph. The subject of the image has to be clear and I want the viewer to be drawn to that subject straight away.

My Top 10 Black and White Wedding Photographs.

My tope ten black and white wedding photographs
This moment was when Gemma’s Dad had just seen her in her beautiful dress for the first time.
Chinese Wedding day
Siwen and her Bridesmaids during Bridal Prep
Black and white wedding photos
Julia’s Flower Girls giving a helping hand
First dance at Hampton Court Castle wedding venue
Megan and Joe’s recent arrival joining the first dance
Flower girl at wedding
Jess’s little one, wanting to be close to Nanny while she gets ready
Herefordshires best wedding
Kelly and Dad during the Father an Daughter dance
Top ten Herefordshire wedding
Emotions over running for Laura just before she goes enters the church
Top Herefordshire wedding photographers
Katie can’t hold the tears back during Ryan’s emotional speech
Top Cotswolds wedding photographers
An emotional Emma about to wed Jack
Top ten Staffordshire wedding
One of Ian’s groomsmen being given a helping hand

Some more of my favourites from 2021 (so far…)

Below are some that although they didn’t make it into the Top 10, they still having meaning to me. I will of course be adding more to this list in the future and I will be adding other Top 10 blogs too.

Please do feel free to comment on which is your favourite and by all means share the post too.

Thank you for taking the time out to ready my Top 10 Black and White Wedding Photographs Blog.


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