Herefordshire Wedding

Herefordshire Wedding

When Lyde Court do weddings, they always rock! Sarah and Richard had their Herefordshire Wedding at Lyde Court in November last year and what a blast they all had. Tears, laughter, sparklers and a bridal party ready for fun.

Herefordshire Wedding Venue

Lyde Court is the perfect backdrop and an ideal Herefordshire wedding venue for all types of wedding. The relaxed feel to your day just helps produce the best atmosphere for your wedding party. There are places where you can be right in the middle of the party or little hideaways where you can take a breather from the dance floor.

Sarah and Richards wedding started off with Sarah getting ready in the White room with the girls. Hair and Make Up plus a few moments of fun and reflection.

Whilst they were getting ready the Richard and the Boys had arrived and were in great spirits. A few photos for them looking amazing in their suits, with autumn colours for their ties of course.

Herefordshire wedding groom

Sarah had made her way up to the Bridal suite with the girls now to put her dress on. They had a few laughs whilst getting ready and waited for Sarahs brother who was walking Sarah down the aisle to come and see her looking beautiful. After this Sarah made her way back to the White Room for her veil fitting and to see her Mum. There were a few more tears from Mum and Sarah in this little emotional moment too.

Herefordshire Wedding Ceremony

A nervous Richard waited for Sarah to arrive and the look on both of their faces when they saw each other said everything. They literally could not wait to hold each other and get married. Their ceremony was one of hugs, smiles, some laughter too and of course some more tears.

The happiest of walks down the aisle as the newlyweds and straight out into the confetti walk. It was now time to party at this gorgeous Herefordshire wedding. Having shot hundreds of weddings it’s amazing to see the switch from the nervous Bride and Groom to the, let’s celebrate atmosphere.

It was now time for a few group pictures, I always take some as I know they are important but I make sure that I don’t allow them to take over the general feeling of the day. I want you to remember your wedding for having a great time with your guests, no posing for loads of group pictures. Once the formal groups were complete, we headed off with the Bridal party for a few more photos at the front of Lyde Court.

Now onto some couple portraits for Sarah and Richard. I love this little bit of time that we get after the ceremony. When the Bride and Groom have just that little bit of a breather away form guests, just the two of them……and me taking pics.

Onto the Herefordshire Wedding Reception. Lyde Court Barn always looks amazing, the lights, the decor and the whole ambience of the place is just superb. When you see the guests walk in you can hear the gasps about how beautiful it looks. Sarah and Richards reception was no different, the whole barn was glistening.

Time for the Herefordshire Wedding Breakfast and the speeches. First of all, Sarah and Richard made their entrance into the barn and looked stunning. Beaming smiles as everyone greeted them with a round of applause and a few cheers.

Sparklers! I love sparklers at weddings. I think it just adds to the occasion and creates a great little atmosphere. Sure, it sometimes takes a bit of organising, especially when people have a had a few drinks but it’s always worth the effort.

After the sparkler walk, we decided to add a little bit more and try out a few different. shots, just for fun. I love how these came out and you can see the fun everyone had too.

First Dance and then a bit of a party, or should I say a hell of a party.

The Closing Shot

I just wanted to try something a little different form the usual flash lit evening portraits. So I asked the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids to get their phones out and light the couple up, resulting in the following images which I love. Not only the photo but the memory of what a great time everyone had making the image.

As always it was great to work with the following.

Hilary Read

Indulge Beauty

Beehive Florist

Lyde Court

Band – Gentlemen Of The Road

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  1. Thank you so much Dean for this really lovely blog post. It really captures our day and has given us the perfect way to remember our day. We couldn’t have asked for better photographs from a really fantastic photographer ☺️.

  2. This post is great Dean, we love it! Thank you again so much for capturing such amazing moments. Love the emotion and memories you have managed to capture within the photos themselves, really let’s us re-live the day and that is what I think is so amazing about these shots and your style. Would highly recommend you to anyone!

  3. How amazing are these photographs. They truly capture the essence of the day. You are very professional in your approach and a real artist Dean, the photos are so natural and half the time we had no idea you were even taking them. We now have wonderful images from you that we will all treasure forever ❤️
    P.s. The slide show is incredible.

  4. Richard and Sarah Scott wedding shoot. Great pictures!! So nice to see so many “natural photos”….well captured ?

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