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My Best Wedding Day Tips For Brides

With over 10 years experience as a wedding photographer I have decided to provide you with some tips to make your wedding day run that much smoother. All of the tips below are regarding bridal preparation and will hopefully help you with your wedding planning.

When you book your wedding, you will no doubt have lots of ideas in your head of how your day will go.

One very important part of your day which can get your day off to a flying start is Bridal Prep. My best wedding day tips for brides will hopefully help you achieve this.

This is the time of day when you get all of your girls together for your hair and make up, a few glasses of fizz and a good memory making time.

I have been asked a few times about what makes for a great Bridal Prep, so I thought I would give you my list of tips to help you out….and here it is, my best wedding day tips for brides.

Tip No. 1

Choose Light! That’s right, you need light and preferably, lot’s of it. I don’t mean light from lightbulbs but natural light. If you are getting ready at home, use the room that has the most light coming in through the windows. If room is an issue, I would recommend moving furniture around to allow room for hair and make up to be done in the natural light. Your photographer & make up artist especially, will appreciate this.

Most wedding venues have rooms set aside for Bridal prep and most of these typically have plenty of natural light coming in. If however there is not much light, I would suggest you ask to move to a room that does

Natural light is not only good for photography but make up artists love to use natural light too. A good make up artist like the ones listed at the bottom of this post will always use natural light where possible, especially window light. You will appreciate the way you look in the images too, as natural light can be very flattering if you are in the right place. Every image in this post is shot with natural light.

My top bridal prep tips
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Tip No. 2

Hire a professional Wedding Make Up Artist. There are some amazingly talented MUA’s out there and when you hire someone who has worked at weddings previously, you are paying for their experience in how a wedding morning works. You want someone who will be able to stick to a timeline and work under pressure too. I have worked with numerous talented MUA’s over the years and as I said previously, some of the best are listed below for you.

Top bridal prep tips
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Tip No. 3

Hire a professional Wedding Hair Stylist. Again, there are some fantastic talents out there and for the very same reason as MUA’s, you should really look into hiring a pro. They will start early in the morning and ensure you are all ready and look amazing, some even stay until you leave to get married, just to make sure everything is perfect.

I have seen quite a few MUA’s and Hair stylist go that little bit further and help you with your dress and any other little things that need sorting. Removing creases from veils, sewing, fastening dresses and much more.

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Tip No. 4

Timing is important! One of the most important parts of your day is getting into your dress, for this you should allow plenty of time. Not the amount of time it takes to get into your dress but time for photographs and for you to relax before you get wed. You should allow at least an hour between your dress being on and your ceremony.

Tell your MUA and Hair Stylist what time you want to put your dress on and they will do all they can to make sure that happens. You can then have some Bridal Portraits, pics with the girls and of course your parents too. The last thing you want is to be rushed leading up to your ceremony. *Definitely one of my favourite best wedding day tips for brides

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Tip No. 5

Gifts for your Bridesmaids. Or gifts from your partner. If you have bought gifts for your Bridesmaids or your partner has a gift for you, the time when you present / receive them can be a great memory that you can look back on. Tell your photographer beforehand that you have gifts and also wait until your photographer is present to have this moment captured.

Tip No. 6

Music! Having some music playing in the background or blasting out will help keep you calm and bring you all together, everyone loves a bit of music don’t they. Keep your playlist bright and cheerful and you never know, even this could create a moment for you with the girls.

Tip No. 7

Declutter! An absolute must if you want your bridal prep photos to look clean and for the focus to be on you and the girls. Anything non wedding related like bags, bottles, food etc should be kept in a place that doesn’t spoil the background of your pictures. You don’t want to be looking at that picture of you with one or both of your parents in a special moment only to see that Tesco carrier bag in the background. Let all the girls know and find somewhere to hide it all.

The best wedding tips for brides

Tip No. 8

Stay Hydrated! Last by by no means least in my best wedding day tips for brides, make sure you have plenty of food and drink, most importantly, water! You do not want to dehydrate on your wedding day so staying topped up with water is a must. If you have a journey to your ceremony, I would recommend taking a bottle of water for you and one each for the girls too. The last thing you want is a headache, especially when you could have avoided it by sipping water in between the fizz. A hydrated Bride is a happy Bride.

Best wedding day tips for brides

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Thank you for reading my best wedding day tips for brides blog post. I hope this has helped you with your wedding planning.

If anyone who has already been a bride would like to share their best wedding day tips for brides, please feel free to comment with them below and give new brides to be a bit of an insight.

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